blast before holidays

Last December 9, 2014 on a Tuesday late afternoon, a Rural Transit Bus stopped in front of Central Mindanao University in Bukidnon Philippines to pick up some passengers, and then went again on its way to Cagayan de Oro. Barely a few minutes after taking off again, a bomb exploded inside the vehicle.

Because it was a school day, a lot of students witnessed the incident and so did some civilians who were just going about with their business, as shown in this footage.

There were more or less 10 who died in the incident and about 40 injured. According to some articles, it stated that there were 11 dead and 50 injured. More or less people were affected when the blast happened.

I cannot begin to imagine how the families of these people who lost their lives could be feeling right now in this moment or back then when they heard the news because of such tragic incident. That those who have lost the ones whom they missed and waited for at home. Most of them were only 17 and just finished a day of school not knowing that on their way home, maybe excited for Chrismas break, that they wouldn’t even be there to witness it all happen nor see their families again.

The authorities, as to what I have read and heard of have not yet announced the suspect or the ones behind the crime.

Because of this tragic incident, the students of the Central Mindanao University, near where the incident happened and where the students who were victims went to school to, conducted a ceremony for the ones whom were deceased, as well for all whom were there injured or affected when the explosion happened.

Famlies of those who lost their loved ones recieved cash that amounted to 500,000 Php for their loss, through the different activities that were held to pay respects to the victims of the incident. 
That to me, recieving cash as to what had happened, is to be considered as nothing but cheap bargain to the feeling of loss or the fact of the loss itself and to the person who was taken away from them, even though it’s not what it’s supposed to be but it feels like it. Its not that it is wrong or anything, it is just not enough. Although it might be holiday season but it would still hurt none the less. This, again, is based only, truely, on my own opinion, no harm intended.

Although no one really knew anything like that would happen, not alone expect it or even imagine that it would right then and there because no one can really predict the future nor the present. It was planned, yes, by some terrorists maybe but none the less, it still happened and we cannot do anything about it. It happened before the holidays, most of us are pumped by that time because Christmas is just around the corner and the new year comes after. Some of the victims could have been buying or just bought gifts for their loved ones or just wanted to be home. Then again, it happened. Just like that, just as the bus started to leave, just as everyone had settled down, it happened. And its not the first time it did.

Basically out of all this, all I can conclude is that make the most out of everything and out of everyone. It does not happen merely on a bus ride home, or somewhere but it may happen anywhere, on your daily exersice, while your eating, talking to your friend, or even while you’re reading right now, it could happen, your life could end. Right. Now.

But its not. You’re still reading. So continue reading. Not just this, but other blogs, other news, other kinds of reading materials. Finish school. Do your job. Be happy. Live. Hug your family, tell them you love them. Have no regrets. Life ends when we least expect it to. Its the new year, make it worth it.